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Media Services

Writing | Editing | Social Media | Videos | Websites

Let’s face it. You run a business. You’re really good at what you do. You wish you had the time, expertise, or ideas to give your website a fresh new look, your social media more pop, maybe write a weekly blog, or create marketing videos. Maybe you have the time, maybe you even have the know-how, but at the end of long workdays, marketing your business is the last thing you want to be doing.


No problem. I’ll do it for you – once a day, once a week, once a month! Whatever you need, I will make it my priority to get it done.


I have eight years of experience as a content creator and Head of Content within professional marketing environments. Explore my work. If it inspires you, send me a note, or better yet, schedule a meeting so we can discuss your needs.


Whether your business is big or small, let me help you maximize your success.

What I Can Do For You

  • Design and build your website, or refresh an existing site

  • Write, rewrite, and edit high-quality blogs, articles, scripts, white papers, case studies, web copy, learning programs, newsletters, PowerPoint presentations, social media posts, and more.

  • Integrate brand style and voice guidelines

  • Design a content strategy and set-up a content workflow

  • Manage content calendar

  • Create, commission, and manage digital assets for websites, social media, YouTube, email campaigns, and ads.

  • Write, shoot, and edit videos (Adobe Premiere Pro) for your website, social media channels, and YouTube

  • Analyze your current content library and evaluate gaps

  • Provide reports from Google Analytics and recommend improvements

  • Create illustrations, shoot and enhance photos (Adobe Photoshop) for your website and social media posts

  • Use SEO best practices for written and visual content

  • Evaluate and test UI/UX concepts, and make web design recommendations

  • Meet deadlines, identify risks, resource needs, and prioritize workloads

  • Manage Teams

Package Solutions

Website Design

What you get:


  • New logo and color palette

  • New, clean, modern website

  • Website design that includes proper metadata, keywords, and links

  • Original hero image and footer that ties into your logo

  • Latest SEO Best Practices as set by Google

  • Robust home page with an overview of all your pages

  • Additional web pages filled with images and text provided by the client

  • Location page with clear instructions for finding the office

  • Blog/Newsletter functionality

  • Contact Us form

  • Links to your social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn

Copywriting | Copyediting | Blogging

What you get:


  • Analysis of your current content library and evaluate gaps

  • High-quality blogs, articles, scripts, white papers, case studies, web copy, learning programs, newsletters, Powerpoint presentations, social media posts, and more.

  • Targeted content integrating brand style, voice guidelines, and SEO best practices

  • A content strategy and content workflow

  • Content calendar

  • Quantitative and qualitative feedback on existing and new content

  • A dedicated writer/editor who meets deadlines, identies risks, resources needs, and prioritizes workloads

Website Maintenance

What you get:


  • Updates as needed

  • Google Analytics - provide analytics on traffic, clicks, top pages, top articles, etc.

  • Insights and recommendations for website and SEO improvements

  • Blog creation and management

  • Monthly newsletter management

Social Media Content

What you get:


  • Daily, weekly, or monthly posts

  • Original content containing a photo or original illustration, based on need

  • Multi-formatted content to accommodate Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms

  • Social Media Calendar to help keep track of all past and future content ideas, headlines, text, hashtags, and images/illustrations. 

  • Social media posting and comment response

  • Community engagement

  • Monthly updates on post activities


What you get:

  • Video strategy

  • Video scripts

  • Video production and editing

  • YouTube channel creation and maintenance

  • Video SEO

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