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Music & My Band

Tony on Drums

The short story is that from my earliest days I was a tapper and I would tap on tabletops, glasses, walls, and dashboards. But it wasn't until six months before COVID that I picked up a drum kit and taught myself to play. Being housebound for more than a year gave me the time to learn, and drummers on YouTube were my teachers. Not only did I learn to play but I could play along with my favorite rock stars. And then I took it as an opportunity to improve my video and audio editing skills by recording and editing drum covers. Here are a few along the timeline, from my first in April 2020 to the present.

Never Too Late

About the same time I picked up drumsticks, a friend of mine decided to learn guitar. He always had a dream to play and since his kid and my kid were both learning guitar at SoundLife Music Academy in Los Angeles, he decided he would, too. We also thought it would be fun to put a band together - a dad band featuring band members who had never been in bands before. We recruited the founder of SoundLife Music Academy (also a dad) to be our band mentor and play bass and we added my friend's wife as a singer, changing our band from a dad band to a parents band. Over time, we added a second singer, a keyboardist, and another guitarist.

Once again, I took advantage of the opportunity to create music videos for the band. The early ones, during COVID pandemic, required all of us to record our parts individually. Each member would send their recording to me and I would put it all together. As the pandemic waned, we started rehearsing together and recording together. Below are some of our videos. Keep in mind, our goal is not to tour, make millions of dollars, and become famous. We are doing this to have some fun and live out our rockstar dreams.

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