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Content created for Youtube, web applications, Instagram, and Facebook

Solectrac Delivers Its New e70N Electric Tractor

Promotional video created for Solectrac, a subsidiary of Ideanomics, announcing that the first electric tractors had been delivered to vineyards in the California Wine Country.

How to Fast Charge Your Tesla with EVgo

How-to Video created for EVgo YouTube page showing EVgo and Tesla customers how to use adaptor at EVgo fast charging stations.

MacStadium Conference Booth Video

This PowerPoint was created and transformed into a video for MacStadium booth at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon 2022 

How to Access and Use ShareFile

This educational video was created for Streitfeld Accounting and HR Tax Prep, to help their clients understand how to use ShareFile and RightSignature.

Musical Theater Reel

This musical theater reel was created as supplemental material for a student's college application process.

About MacStadium

Promotional video created for MacStadium, the cloud for Mac expertise, business, development, automation, virtualization, orchestration, creative, and customization.

Promo for New EVgo Chargers

Social Media promo video encouraging customers and followers to vote for the name of the newest electric vehicle charger. Coincided with the theatrical release of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. 

Ideanomics - Earth Day 2021

Ideanomics employees around the world shared their love for mother nature on Earth Day. From mountain hikes to backyard foraging, sustainability is in our DNA.

What I Can Do For Your Brand

This video was made to give some background about myself and show potential customers what I can do for them as a content creator and marketer.

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