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The Importance of Being Engaging - Part 2: Why Do We Need Engaging Content?

The answer should be obvious to any marketer, but if someone asked you why it’s important to create engaging content, what would you say? Could you provide 3, 4, or more reasons for needing content that grabs people’s attention? I’ve spent some time on this question and came up with 4 primary reasons. You might think of more, and if you do, let me know.

If your content is engaging, you stand the best chance of educating and connecting with your audience. And, for the record, engaging content does not need to be a clever, fully fleshed out advertising campaign like the one Coca-Cola launched above. Engaging content can range from a live or animated video to a simple "Tip for the Day." It can come in the form of a social media post, blog, white paper, webinar, infographic, or video. Here are a few reasons why, as a content creator, you should aspire to create eye-catching, SEO-driven content: 

1. Engaging Content Increases Brand Awareness

Building brand awareness is an important part of expanding your online reach. But with so much “noise” on social media sites, it can be challenging to separate yourself from everyone else. The best way to stand out is to, well, stand out! Create compelling content, whether it be a photograph, an illustration, a great blog title, or a must-watch video – like the Hafod Hardware Christmas 2019 video that went viral, won an award, and only cost $131 to make! 

Brands that create written and visual content that offer unique insights valuable to their target audiences are more likely to be noticed – and seen. Engaging content that is relevant and educational builds trust within your community and establishes your brand as an authority. 

2. Engaging Content Drives Traffic to Your Website

The primary purpose of creating content is to engage your audience. By publishing interesting content that adds value for visitors, you can educate and encourage your target audience to learn more about your brand. An engaging piece of content can grab the viewer’s attention and lead them back to your website where you can introduce them to your products and services and invite them to sign up for a membership. Clicks, opt-ins, conversions, and sales is the end-goal of content, so maximize those opportunities at every turn.

You can utilize different content types to bring traffic to your website. For instance, you might create a poll that shares the results on your website. Or you might offer a free e-book or white paper that can be downloaded from your site. You can create a video that provides a link back to your site for more information. Just be sure that your call-to-action is clear and purposeful.

According to, the average e-commerce conversion rates are between 1% and 2%! No joke! This means that for every 100 people who see your post, only about 2 will share, save, or buy what you are selling. That’s not a lot, but if you get behind 1,000 eyeballs, you are in business. 

Which ad is more likely to convert to sales?

3. Engaging Content Strengthens Your Relationships

Our job as content creators doesn’t end the moment we publish a blog or social post. In fact, publishing content is just the beginning. As content creators, it’s our job to grow audiences, nurture relationships, and encourage customers to return. Likes, Shares, and Comments are our currency. It’s therefore imperative to develop content that helps your customers understand how to use your product or lets them know what other services you might provide to help them solve their biggest problems.

Responding to customer comments, asking for feedback, and polling your customer base are three easy ways to keep your audience engaged. I don’t know about you, but when I know that a brand is listening, I am more inclined to appreciate and trust them. If they are responding to customer inquiries and complaints, I know they are customer-focused and if they actually engage with me, I am much more likely to come back.

4. Engaging Content Helps Your SEO

Engaging content will also help improve your SEO. Search engines like Google respond to quality content that is relevant and useful to users. Google’s algorithm also considers factors like social sharing, keywords, and backlinks in how it ranks your content on search result pages. The more relevant, interesting, and informative your content, the higher it should rank. As more and more consumers engage with your content, your search engine ranking will improve, which of course means you are more easily discoverable by returning and new customers.

This is Part 2 of the series The Important of Being Engaging. Click here to see previous installments.

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